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Julie Oakes

 Born Julie Cowan, 1948

Married Sir Christopher Oakes

2004                        Masters Degree in Cultural Theory, New School University, NY
2000                        Masters Degree, Art and Art Professions, New York University, NY
1996                        Computer Graphic Design, Extension Dept. Okanagan University College, Vernon, BC
1998                        Canadian Securities Commission Certificate, CSC, Toronto, ON
1975                        Professional Teaching Certificate, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC
1974                        Intensive Chinese Language, Tibetan History, New School for Social Research, New York, NY
1971-1973               Thanka painting under the master Lhasa court Thanka painter, Sherab Palden Berut, Samye Ling Tibetan Center, Eskdalemuir, Scotland
1970                        Emma Lake Workshop, University of Saskatchewan, Regina, SK
1969                        Bachelor of Fine Arts, Gold Medal, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB
1966                        Painting 101, Emma Lake Summer School, University of Saskatchewan, Regina, SK
1965                        Summer Painting School, Banff Centre of Fine Arts, with Charles Stegeman and Francoise Andre
Solo Exhibitions

2011                        Swounds The Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery, Waterloo, ON

2009                        The Canadian Museum of Northern History, Kirkland Lake, ON                          

Genesis, Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto, ON

2008                        The Buddha Composed, Galerie Samuel Lallouz, Montreal, QC

2008                        The Buddha Composed, The Varley Gallery, Markham, ON

2007                        The Buddha Disturbed, Art Gallery of the South Okanagan, Penticton, BC

2006                        Human Sacrifice, Conscientious Perversity, Lehmann Leskiw Fine Art, Toronto, ON

2005                        Human Sacrifice, The Revolving Door, Lehmann Leskiw Fine Art, Toronto, ON

                                Human Sacrifice, Quercia Stories, The Rivington Gallery, London, England

                                Poultry in Motion, The Absolute Gallery, Des Moines, IA

2004                        Human Sacrifice, The Art Ark, Kelowna, BC

2004                        Forbidden Fruit, The Destination Gallery, Parrsboro, NS

2001                        Gentle Bondage, Vernon Public Gallery, Vernon, BC

                                Private Parade, Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC.

2000                        Reptiles and Roses, Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC

1999                        Venezia, Headbones Gallery, Vernon, BC

                                Complimenti, Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC

1998                        Rising Above, Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto, ON

                                Feathers Flying, Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC

1997                        The Venice Series, Headbones Gallery, Vernon, BC

                                The Venice Series, The Grunt Gallery, Vancouver, BC

                                Home Offerings, Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver, BC

1996                        Herstory, The Alternator Gallery, Kelowna, BC.

1994                        Cunte Perfume Launching, Artimisia Gallery, Vancouver, BC

                                Upright Man, Upright Woman, Headbones Gallery, Vernon, BC

                                Born to Shock, Gallery 56, Vancouver, BC.

1993                        B.P.A. RCA Visuals, Public Art Gallery,  St. Johns, NF

1992                        Born to Shock,  Alternator Gallery, Kelowna, BC

1987                        I am a Woman with a Past, Vernon Public Gallery, BC

1985                        Gardens and Clothes Lines, Assiniboia Gallery, BC

1983                        Lady Oakes, Temple Gallery, Nassau, Bahamas

1973                        Chandoo Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, under the name Zangmo

Selected Group Exhibitions
2011                        Avian, Lonsfale Gallery, Toronto, ON
2008                        Bogota 2008, Esto No Es Una Galeria, Bogota, Columbia, Catalogue and Essay Writer
2008                        Sex on the Beach, Gallery Moos, Toronto, Ontario
2008                        Five Canadian Artists, Galerie Atelier III, Barmstedt, Germany, Catalogue
2007                        Looking East, Lehmann Leskiw Fine Art, Toronto, ON
                                Julie Oakes - Featured Artist, Ashpa Naira Gallery, Vernon, BC
2006                        Headbones Gallery, Inaugural Exhibition, Exotic Erotic Xmas, Toronto, ON, Catalogue
                                Heidi Cho Gallery, Parnassus, New York, NY
2005                        Spot the Dog, Anchorage Museum of Art and History, Anchorage, Alaska, Catalogue
                                The Fugitive Gallery, Vernon, BC
                                Out of the Closet, The Rivington Gallery, London, England
                                Gallery Artists, The Totem Gallery, Venice Italy
2004                        Big and Small Show, EVAC, Des Moines, Iowa
2003                        SCOPE International, Curcio Projects, Miami, Florida
                                Gallery Artists, Totem Gallery, Venice Italy
2002                        Meledandri, Fred Mitchell and Julie Oakes, Sugarhill Art Center, NY
                                SCOPE International, Gershwin Hotel, New York, NY
2001                        Having Returned, Headbones Gallery, Vernon, BC.
2000                        Master Program Exhibition, New York University, New York, NY.
1999                        Gallery Artists, Totem Gallery, Venice, Italy.
                                Clara e gli Americani, Brescia Gallery, Brescia, Italy. Catalog
                                Masters Program Exhibition, Venice, Italy. Catalog
1998                        Venice, Casa Italiana, New York, NY.
1998                        New York University Masters Program Exhibition, Venice, Italy. Catalogue
1996                        Jury Show, Vernon Public Art Gallery, Vernon, BC.
                                Gallery Artists, Alternator Gallery, Kelowna, BC.
1995                        Gallery Artists, Grunt Gallery, Vancouver, BC.
1994                        Emerging Artists, Museum of Modern Art, Miami, Fla.
                                Art of the Motorcycle, Redding Art Gallery, Redding, Ca.
1993                        Images and Objects XI, Assembly of BC Arts Councils, Trail, BC. Catalogue
1992                        Juried Show, Daniel Cameron, Pleiades Gallery, New York, NY.
                                In the Biblical Sense, Smash Gallery, Vancouver, BC.
                                B.C. Festival of the Arts, Vernon, B.C.
1991-1992               Earthlines, Deadlines, Lifelines is a group show of seven artists curated by John Taylor.
01/14-02/13           The Kelowna Public Art Gallery/Museum, Kelowna, B.C.
03/30-04/29           The Vernon Public Art Gallery/Museum, Vernon, B.C.
05/29-07/05           The Redding Public Art Gallery/Museum, Redding, CA
08/01-08/31           The Hama Sushi Gallery, Venice Beach, CA
12/01-12/31           Neutral Ground, Regina, Saskatchewan
09/06-10/20           The Art Gallery of the South Okanagan, Penticton, B.C. 
                                Canadian Museum and Curators Conference held here in September.
11/22-01/05           The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria, B.C.
1991                        Helio Gallery, New York, NY Group Show
1990                        OAL Gallery, Kelowna, B.C. Condominium Show
1989                        Dome Gallery, New York, N.Y
1989                        Vernon Public Art Gallery, Okanagan Artists
1989                        Loch Mayberry Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba
1988                        Okanagan Jury Show, Penticton, Kelowna, Vernon, Kamloops, B.C.
1986                        Assiniboia Art Gallery, Regina, Sask. Two Woman Show
1986                        Bessborough Gallery, Sakatoon, Sask.
1985                        Rosemont Gallery, Regina, Sask. Two Women Show
1985                        Penticton Art Gallery, Art Attack, four artists
1983                        PIAFA Art Auction, Penticton, B.C.
1982                        Okanagan Jury Show, Penticton, B.C.
1982                        Kamloops Public Gallery, A bed of Ones Own, eight women
1980-1978               Grainary Gallery, Fintry, B.C. Owned and operated and
                                Exhibited solo and group shows
1977                        Kelowna Public Gallery B.C. Two person show
1976                        BauXi Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.
1976                        Galerie Royale, (now Heffel Fine Art) Vancouver, B.C.
1969                        Winnipeg Public Art Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Visual Performances

2010                        Cat Fight, with Aleks Bartosik

1994                        Cunte Perfume Launching, Artimisia Gallery, Vancouver, BC

1993                        A Bevy of Beauties, Alternator Gallery, Kelowna, BC

1992                        Breasts Protest Fashion Extravaganza, RCA Visuals, St. Johns, Nfld

                                Breast Protest Anonymous, Vernon, BC

1986                        SWAT, OAA Gallery, Kelowna, BC

1983                        I am a Woman with a Past, Vernon Public Gallery, Vernon, BC

1969                        Spectrum Organization

1969                        Purse Snatching, General Idea in conjunction with Felix Partz

1996                        Women who Wax and Pluck, (5 minutes) produced and acted.
1993                        Cunte, (3 minutes) produced.
1994                        Crow's Feet, (2 minutes, 48 seconds) produced.
1994                        Trashy Lingerie at the Cappuccino Bar, (12 min. 14 seconds), produced & acted.
1993                        A Bevy of Beauties, (3 minutes, 4 seconds) produced, acted.
1992                        Breasts Protest Anonymous, (13 minutes) produced, acted.
1989                        Snuff Walls Around Townhouses (SWAT), 4 minutes, produced, acted.
1987                        I am a Woman with as Past, 25 minutes, produced, acted.
1983                        Lewd Wave, (5 minutes) designed, acted.
1984                        Wives and Lovers, (4 minutes) produced, acted.

2011                        Hooks, novel, published by Dundurn, Toronto, Winter 2011, 360 pages

2010                        Guest speaker for RBC Glass awards and Winifred Schantz Ceramic Award

                                Between the Idea and The Reality, Swounds

                                Toronto writer for Vies Des Arts, English Edition

                                #221 L’Hiver, 2010, Coercing Doubt, Stan Douglas; Beyond the Beanstock, Maelstrom, Roxy Paine     

#218 Printemps, 2010, Death as an Anecdote to Kicking the Living, Mark Adair

                                #219 Ete, 2010, Any Ever, Ryan Trecartin

2009                        Toronto writer for Vies Des Arts, English Edition

2009                        Headbones Antholgy, 2009, Rich Fog Publishing, 2009, 162 pages

#214 Printemps, 2009 When Women Rule the World, Judy Chicago in Thread

#215, Ete, 2009, Seven Days in the Art World by Sarah Thornton

Chris Cran, Bright Spiral Standard

#216, Automne, 2009,  Ashley Johnson, Zoomorphic Gestalt

Overwhelmed and Engulfed, Mark Lewis, Venice

2008                        Headbones Anthology 2008, Rich Fog Micro Publishing, 184 pages

                                Aligning with Beauty, Varley Gallery of Markham, ON, 80 pages

2007                        Headbones Anthology 2007, Rich Fog Micro Publishing, 180 pages

2006                        Conscientious Perversity, Rich Fog Publishing, 2006, 198 pages

                                Forward by Dr. Robert C Morgan

                                Headbones Anthology 2006, Rich Fog Publishing, 2006, 180 pages

                                Art Editor and writer for Riverside Quarterly Magazine, Toronto, ON

2005                        The Revolving Door, 200 Pages, published by Rich Fog Publishing, Canada,2005

                                Forward by Dr. Terry Williams

2004                        Quercia Stories: Lay My Head on the Chest of the Dane, Gentle Bondage, Editing Evil, 167 pages, published by Rich Fog Publishing, Canada,

                                Forward by Susan Brandoli                    

2001                        A Canadian Artist’s Perspective of 911, Power Images, 68 pages

                                Personal observation reportage for “The Morning Show”, CBC radio, BCfollowing September 11, for eight broadcasts.1974                        White Socks Suck, young adult novelette, 87 pages, unpublished


2011                        Swounds, Julie Oakes Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery, 102 pages, with curator’s foreword and comments by Christian Bernard Singer published by The Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery

2009                        Genesis, Lonsdale Gallery, 66 pages, published by Lonsdale Gallery.

2007                        The Buddha Composed, Galerie Samuel Lallouz, 122 pages, text French and English by James Campbell, published by Galerie Samuel Lallouz, 2007

2007                        The Buddha Composed, The Varley Gallery of Markham Ontario, 90 pages, text by Katerina Atanassova, Rich Fog Publishing, Canada, 2007

2006                        The Buddha Disturbed, The Art Gallery of the South Okanagan, 84 pages, text by Paul Crawford, Rich Fog Publishing, Canada, 2006

  • 2004                        Sync Collections, Retrospective Catalog, 80 pages, Rich Fog Publishing, Canada

    Selected Reviews

    2011                        Toronto Star, The Irrepressible Ms. Julia Oakes by Peter Goddard

                                    The Record, Symbolic Birds Take Flight and Fall by Robert Reid

    Toronto Globe and Mail, Avian at Lonsdale Gallery by RM Vaughan

    2007                        Canadian Art, Julie Oakes Lehmann Leskiw Fine Arts by Ashley Johnson

    2006                        Mass Art Guide, Julie Oakes: Juliette and Justine by Dr Robert C. Morgan, page

    MIX Magazine, issue 31.3 Justine Tells Juliette All  feature article, back and front inside cover, pages 38-41

    2001                        Sights of Resistance by Robert J. Belton (University of Calgary Press), Julie Oakes, Boys when the Spring Comes, pages 167, 318, 319.

    1994                        Art in America, March 1994, Cunte, a Performance Piece by Julie Oakes pages 60,61.

    Selected Collections

                                    National Art Gallery of the Bahamas

                                    The Kenderdine Gallery, University of Saskatoon

                                    The Glenbow Museum, Calgary

                                    The Varley Art Gallery

                                    The Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery

                                    Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon

                                    The Norman McKenzie Art Gallery, Regina

                                    Credit Union Central, Regina

                                    Canada Council Art Bank (2)

                                    Lower Manhattan Cultural Council

                                    Saskatchewan Telephone Company (2)

                                    Vancouver Authors Society

    Straub Clinic, Hawaii

    University of British Columbia

                                    Vernon Arts Council

                                    Vernon Public Art Gallery

                                    Vernon Performing Arts Centre

                                    Vernon Public Library

                                    Holiday Park Resort Corporate Collection

                                    Gotham Restaurant, Hys Corporation, Vancouver

                                    Cotes Hallmark Collection

    Scholarships and Grants
    2008                        Ontario Arts Council
    1993                        Canada Council Project Cost Grant
    1985                        Canada Council Art Bank Purchase
    1975                        Canada Council Project Cost Grant
    1973                        Canada Council Short Term Grant
    1970                        Canada Council Bursary
    1969                        Canada Council Bursary
    1967                        Cotes-Hallmark Scholarship
    Teaching Experience
    2005                        Guest Lecturer, The New School University, Department of Sociology, NY
                                    Guest Lecturer, The Toronto School of Art, Painting, Toronto, ON
    2001-2003               Guest Lecturer for Professional Practices for the Artist, Dept. of Fine Arts, Okanagan University College
    1983-2000               Vernon Arts Council, taught Figure Drawing and Painting and Foundations
    1979-1983               Vernon Adult Education Department, taught Figure Drawing and Painting and Foundations
    1976-80                   Vernon School District, Substitute teacher for art and theatre, Primary and Secondary
    Work Experience
    2005-                      Assistant curator and catalogue commentary writer, Headbones Gallery, The Drawers, Toronto, ON
    1994 - 2000            Owned, directed and curated Headbones Gallery, Vernon, BC
    Professional Organizations
    2006-2008               Ontario College of Teachers
    1975-1980               British Columbia College of Teachers
    2004-2008               College Art Association