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Born to Shock

Our society so often asks its artists to please, soothe or decorate. Julie Oakes shakes this complacency by compelling us to view work that contradicts this notion. Julie uses strong shrill images that jangle our nerve endings and confront us constantly with messages in an almost "comic strip" Immediacy, No subtlety here! These are images that provoke, confront and even repel. She commands us to notice and react. Merely sensational?  Not a chance.

The work has substance. These pieces are not hastily conceived or executed, but are witty, intelligent and speak of good craftsmanship. They are rich in material, color, detail and pattern her visual language is often lush and sensual: an unabashed celebration of paint and erotic imagery her messages are stark and exclamatory dealing with issues such as discrimination, feminism, greed and misuse.

Renita Kraubner, curator of "Born to Shock" at the O.A.A. Gallery