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Having attended the 1995 Biennale (a major, international art exhibition) in Venice and having visited the Canadian Pavilion, I have embarked on the creation of nine canvases for presentation to the next Venice Biennale Selections Committee.

There was a photographer in San Marco Square who took pictures of tourists with the pigeons resting on their hands. The square was chaotic with fluttering birds. There was the surrounding 15th century government buildings and the Basilica, turreted and glittering gold. The photographer, Italian in white, posed for and documented the tourist, Canadian in black. It was a particular dance between a man and a woman, as well as a general incident, a form of Spy versus Spy.

Spy versus Spy will consist of five paintings in a grand Renaissance style based on the photographs taken in San Marco Square of the photographer and the tourist. I have one of these completed and one in progress to date.

There are four paintings which will be interspersed between the five Spy versus Spy paintings called My Husband Who Looks Just Like Christ. These will have the holy-light-shining patina of Renaissance work. The images are taken from close-up photos. One painting is completed and framed and the other three ready to glaze.

I am framing the paintings in woven and tangled branches.

There is a second phase to this project which consists of a poster. Throughout Venice, during the Biennale there are posters of events all of a standard size (27" x 38"). Visitors to the Biennale check these as an update of locations and happenings.

I am producing a poster for the next Biennale (I am including a mock up).The background image is a black and white photo silk screen. The HEADBONES insignia is a four color hand drawn silk screen printed in co-operation with Steve Mennie. My name is not on the poster - only HEADBONES GALLERY, CANADA.

Manuel Garcia (the photographer) has elected to post the posters around the Venice Biennale poster sites.

If the Venice Biennale Selection Committee allows the nine paintings to grace the walls of the Canadian Pavilion at the next Biennale, they will echo the posters, which will be in Venice at that time. If not, the posters will exist on their own.

I will print 100 posters. 50 posters will go to Venice and 50 posters will remain in Canada.